Information for Practitioners

Find information and links on the training we offer, our policies and procedures the Stockport Family Early Help Assessment, conferences and private fostering.

For practitioners


We provide multi-agency training offering opportunities for workers from different agencies to learn together, share good practice and improve how everyone works together.

Policies and Procedures

Information about the policies and procedures followed in Stockport and the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Children Procedures Manual.

Child abuse or neglect

Do not ignore it:

  • call 0161 217 6028 – Monday to Thursday from 8.30am to 5pm, Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • or 0161 718 2118 – evenings and weekends

Early Help Assessment

Stockport have improved and developed the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) to create a new Stockport Family Early Help Assessment (EHA).


If you were not able to attend in person, or simply want to refresh your mind on what you found out on the day, find details about the conferences.

Private Fostering

Somebody Else's Child

Private fostering is when a child under the age of 16 (under 18 if disabled) is cared for by someone who is not their parent or a ‘close relative’.

Stockport Council - Private Fostering

Detailed information about how you can get involved in fostering children in Stockport.
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