Serious Case Reviews

Stockport SSCB conducts formal reviews of serious child abuse cases in accordance with central government guidance contained in Working Together to Safeguard Children.

Important lessons are learned from the detailed review of cases where children have died or received a life-threatening injury due to abuse or neglect.

Each serious case review is managed by experienced senior managers drawn from SSCB agencies. Members are identified according to the needs of each case to ensure that the panel is independent of involvement in the case and has access to any expert knowledge required.

Serious case reviews will remain available on this website for 6 months after publication. After this date queries in relation to past serious case reviews should be directed to the Safeguarding Unit.

Pip – August 2017

Stockport’s Safeguarding Children Board commissioned an independent Serious Case Review to identify learning and improvements in relation to the circumstances of Pip’s death.

The Board commissioned an Independent Reviewer, Peter Maddocks to complete the review. All agencies involved, and Pips parents contributed to the Review. The Board partners have been working hard to address the issues identified in the report, in order to improve the way agencies have been working together to address complex eating disorders, and to improve communication and understanding across services of this serious condition.

Our heartfelt sympathies are extended to Pip’s family and friends for their tragic loss.

Gill Frame
Independent chair of Stockport Safeguarding Children Board

Download the Report for Pip – August 2017 (PDF 1.2Mb)

Download the summary for Staff relating to Pip (PDF 214Kb)

Jaiden – July 2016

Stockport Safeguarding Children Board commissioned a Serious Case Review following the tragic death of Jaiden in Stockport. The Safeguarding Children Board wish to extend heartfelt sympathies to the family of Jaiden for their devastating loss.

Read the statement from the Chair of the Stockport Safeguarding Board dated 20 July 2016.

Read the 7 minute briefing paper for Jaiden (PDF 370Kb)

Child N – May 2016

Stockport Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) commissioned a Serious Case Review relating to a child (Child N) who sustained a potentially serious head injury.

The review, commissioned in July 2015 was independently authored by Isobel Colquhoun. All agencies involved with the family and the parents of Child N contributed to the review.

The review contains a number of recommendations which are supported by a multi-agency action plan that has been endorsed by the Stockport Safeguarding Children Board. Work to address the recommendations within the report has been underway for some time and significant progress has been made.

Over the coming months the actions will be subject to further close scrutiny by the Board and Independent Chair.