The Manchester Resilience Hub is an enhanced screening and support service for people (children, young people and adults) affected by the by the Manchester Arena attack on 22 May 2017.

The Hub offer will be launched in phases. The initial priorities are to:

  • provide targeted support/outreach on request to people who are currently experiencing high levels of distress, which is not being addressed by services they are already engaged with.
  • to provide advice and consultancy to professionals, including within community/voluntary sector organisations, offering support to those affected.

If you are working with someone who falls into this category you can contact the Hub via or by calling 0333 009 5071 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

The Hub currently has limited clinical capacity and needs to focus on those with the highest levels of need. Therefore, please do not share these contact details with the wider public at this stage.

Adults with mild/moderate needs should continue to be directed to local psychological therapies (IAPT) services. All adult psychological therapies services have a self-referral option – local services can be found on the NHS Choices website by entering the individual’s postcode.


The Hub model has been developed by representatives from across child, adolescent and adult mental health services within Greater Manchester and nationally, through the GM Mental Health Clinical Oversight Group.

The service is hosted by Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. The team includes clinical leads for adults and children/young people, senior mental health  practitioners and psychological therapists, pathway managers and a support team. Please also visit for further information.

Phased mobilisation

The Hub offer will be delivered in three main phases:

Phase 1: Targeted outreach by request

Hub staff are currently contacting people who have already been identified by a range of agencies as requiring additional support. Additional referrals can be made to the Hub by partner agencies provided the clients’ consent has been obtained.

Phase 2: Targeted screening of those affected

People known to have been affected, including those injured, relatives of those who died or were injured, concert attendees and professionals such as first responders and hospital staff will be invited to complete online screening questionnaires. The initial invitation will be made in the run up to the three month anniversary of the incident. Further details of the screening programme are outlined below.

Phase 3: Self-referral

Phase three may involve openly promoting the Hub through the option of self-referral, as well as the continuing option for professionals to refer into the Hub. Timescales for this phase will depend on the level of clinical work generated by Phase two.

The screening process

The majority of those affected will be asked to complete a set of clinical questionnaires, usually via an online portal, providing a limited amount of personal information and answering some basic questions about their involvement in the incident.

Those who participate in the screening programme three months after the incident will be invited to complete the screening tools again at 6, 9 and 12 months after  the attack. There will be an option to opt out of further requests.

The responses people provide will be reviewed to assess the impact the incident has had on them and they will receive an email or telephone call from the Hub with
information and/or support targeted to their level of need. This information and support may include:

  •  signposting to information and advice, including non-clinical advice
  • information on how to self-refer to their local IAPT service
  • an invitation to a resilience building workshop
  • booking a follow up call with someone at the Hub
  • a supported referral in to NHS or other quality assured treatment service eg. specialist third sector provision; child and adolescent mental health services
  • crisis services

All responses will include information on how people can contact the Hub if they feel they need additional support or if their level of wellbeing deteriorates before the next screening invitation is sent out.

Further details about the screening programme and any other services offered by the Hub will be shared with key stakeholders as the offer is stepped up. If you have any queries please do get in touch;

Manchester Resilience Hub
T: 0333 009 5071

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